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4 Home Improvement Tips

4 Home Improvement Tips
Home Improvement Tips! Check it out

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DIY Reno 101: Bathroom Renovation Tips Volume 1

DIY Reno 101: Bathroom Renovation Tips Volume 1

Renovation tips 101 bathrooms

This Youtube channel was designed for average help home owners tackle home renovation tasks around the house. Hosted by Jeff Thorman from Ottawa Design and build, Jeff uses his near two decades of experience to help you out. On this channel you will a series of How To videos as well as before/after Total Renovation transformations. So what are you waiting for? Check it out!

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Fill a Clogged Toilet With Gasoline: Home Improvement tips with Uncle Rob

Fill a Clogged Toilet With Gasoline: Home Improvement tips with Uncle Rob
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7 Next-Level Tips for Miter Saws | Beyond The Basics

7 Next-Level Tips for Miter Saws | Beyond The Basics
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TheHandymanToolbox Live Stream: The DIY Home Improvement Tips & Solutions Show

TheHandymanToolbox Live Stream: The DIY Home Improvement Tips & Solutions Show
TheHandymanToolbox Live Stream Event features a weekly YouTube & Facebook Live Event, called “The DIY Home Improvement Tips & Solutions Show” which airs every Tuesday at 8 pm EST. In this weekly event, Veteran Handyman Expert Rick E Patterson will answer your questions and discuss relevant topics about DIY home improvement, home maintenance, and home repair. If you are a DIY Home Improvement Enthusiast or just DIY curious, this is a great weekly event in which to participate, like & share with your friends!

This YouTube Live Streaming Event is the debut of:

1) The DIY Home Improvement Features on the brand new There DIY Enthusiasts, Handymen, Contractors & Other Home Services Pros meet to learn and share proven DIY Home Improvement tips and solutions within Community.

2) Patreon Supporters get exclusive perks & insider training, tips and solutions for TheHandymanToolbox Community of friends, fans & followers. Join our Patreon Supporters Community now!

Tuesday, February 7 at 8 pm EST, we’ll also announce how you can sign up and participate in a contest to win FREE Tools every single month, plus all the other fantastic features that will educate, equip, and empower you as a DIY Enthusiast.

Please watch: “10 Common Mistakes Women Make When Hiring A Handyman Book Promotional”


How to Clean Rain Gutters and Downspouts

How to Clean Rain Gutters and Downspouts
Cleaning gutters is an easy job to put off, but the longer you wait the worse it can get. Thoroughly cleaning your gutters every spring and fall will help keep them working like they’re supposed to. Debris can build up and cause damage to your downspouts and cause water damage to your roof. To clean out your gutters you will need: a trowel, ladder, buckets, garden hose, gutter cleaning attachment and gutter sealant.

To begin, clean the downspout removing any twigs, leaves and dirt. Flush out any other debris. If the water doesn’t drain properly through the downspout, there is probably a clog. Remove the end of the downspout and flush with water. If this doesn’t do the trick, use the full power and force of a plumbers snake.

If you notice that water sets in the bottom of your gutters be sure to readjust them so that they flow properly to the downspout. Leaks? Use gutter sealant on all joints. If there is noticeable paint damage, simply touch up with a primer. To find how to install gutter screens to keep out debris, visit

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Tips Painting A Room In 1 Hour. DIY How To Paint Walls Fast.

Tips Painting A Room In 1 Hour. DIY How To Paint Walls Fast.
Painting walls fast. How to paint a room in your house in less then 2 hours. Some simple tips and tricks to make the interior painting process and little easier and faster. Painting techniques to paint walls. Home improvement painting hacks. Watch my DIY cut in playlist with this link:

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Teaching the World to paint one house at a time!

Learn the secrets that professional painters, sheet rockers, and finish carpenters don’t want you to know. We have all the house hold painting hacks you could ever want. Come visit my channel to learn how to paint anything and everything around your house. Why pay a painter when you can be the painter?

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HOME ORGANIZATION TIP: How To Incorporate Style & Function Into Your Kitchen

HOME ORGANIZATION TIP: How To Incorporate Style & Function Into Your Kitchen
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How many times have you walked into your kitchen and wished you knew how to make those bowls look like more than just a pile of bowls, or how to give your coffee bar a more concise appeal? Do yo often find it hard to mix style with organization in your pantry? We’ve all wished our kitchens looked like they just came out of a magazine, sparkling and dazzling and with this video I will you how to achieve just that with a few simple and achievable steps!




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home improvement tips from the stars of hgtv’s good bones

home improvement tips from the stars of hgtv’s good bones
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5 Tips for Cleaning Natural Stone

Natural Stone Cleaning Tips
Natural stone can be hard to clean. Whether it’s on your floor, countertop, or another place in your home, maintaining natural stone can be a difficult task. It’s a super sensitive material and can be damaged when not cleaned properly. In order to maintain the natural beauty of the stone elements in your home, be sure to follow these helpful tips.


1. Stay clear of acidic cleaning agents. Things such as lemons, vinegar, and other acidic cleaning products associated with cleaning, can cause damage to your natural stone. Make sure to stay away from these products to ensure that damage is not caused.

2. Clean up stains and spills immediately. Natural stone can be damaged by spills, so make sure that when something is spilled, clean up is immediate. When certain things, like soda or ketchup, spill onto the stone, the ingredients in the spill can cause permanent damage to your stone. Even water can damage your stone if it sits for too long or if the stone was not sealed and treated correctly.

3. Use PH neutral soap. PH neutral soap, especially when cleaning soap, is very gentle and will not cause damage, like more abrasive cleaning products can. PH balanced soap is often used when washing dishes in a dishwasher, chances are you already have some!

4. Use cleaners for natural stone. If you are more interested in a store bought cleaner for your stone, make sure that you are careful in your choices.If you are afraid of ruining your natural stone, be sure to only use cleaners for the specific type of stone you are cleaning. So check the instructions and make sure that it’s safe for your cleaning needs. This is the best way to ensure that your stone will not be damaged during the cleaning process.

5. Warm water and small amounts of ammonia. When used in small amounts, ammonia is a very effective cleaner for all types of stone including, marble, granite, and slate. Bleach can also be used in small amounts if you want, but don’t use a lot or mix it with the ammonia. This is an easy and effective way to clean your stone if you don’t mind the smell.

Natural stone is a beautiful component of any home, but maintaining its beauty can be difficult. Always make sure that any store bought cleaner you use is safe for your stone, or just use these other helpful tips to clean your stone.