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How To Keep Your Home Free Of Pet Odors All Year Long

Eliminaationg Pet Ordors


Pug - Pet Odor Cleaning

I don’t know about you, but when I walk into a home that shares space with a pet or pets, I’m always on guard for dreaded pet odors. The odor is distinct and not easy to get rid of. To help solve the “pet odor” problem, here are some tips to follow.

1. Buy cleaners that are enzymatic, because the enzymes are great for eliminating and neutralizing the smell that accompanies pet waste. Let’s face it, accidents do happen! Just make sure if the “accident” occurs on a rug or hard wood floor, the cleaner doesn’t contain components that might damage the area. Bleach diluted in a pail of water also does wonders to neutralize and disinfect.

2. Any pet odors begin at the source, which clearly is the pet. Whether a cat or dog, it’s important to wipe the animal down often with baby wipes and shampoo regularly with a shampoo made for pets.

Special Tip from Carpet Cleaners in Wentzville, MO: “Use old towels or dish cloths to wipe the pet dry.”

3. Get cleaning products designed for pets like spot scrubbers, vacuums and hair removal brushes. Spend a few minutes each day cleaning areas that the pet frequently visits for food, play or rest. This routine will deter smells from permanently setting in and eliminate unwanted pet hair. Keep in mind, the longer a mess stays, the harder it is to eliminate that foul smelling odor.

Take it from me, these simple tips, with keep your pet and your home smelling fresh as a daisy!

Matt’s Home Improvement Helpful painting tips II

Matt’s Home Improvement Helpful painting tips II
Here I show you that when painting spindels on a deck, you should throw your brushes away before you begin.

Closed Cell Foam Tips and Budget Suggestions

Closed Cell Foam Tips and Budget Suggestions
Going behind the scenes on this spray foamed house with some tips and tricks for using closed cell spray foam to the maximum!



Home Improvement Tips – Find Local Professionals |

Home Improvement Tips – Find Local Professionals |
Home Improvement tips? Find Home Improvement Professionals in your area FOR FREE at Choose from up to 1,500 categories of local business professionals in over 5,500 cities worldwide offering specials and discounts of up to 50% off! Contractors, Real estate agents, Accountants, Restaurants, plumbers, electricians, painters, insurance agents, Pet sitters, Autos, etc. is one of the largest exclusive business directory and networks in the world!

Home Improvement Tip: Paint

Home Improvement Tip: Paint
What home improvements should you make if you’re getting ready to sell your house? If you’re considering putting your house on the market, I’ve got some tips for you. In this video I talk about the low cost and high impact of painting your home.

Matt’s home improvement Helpful painting tips.

Matt’s home improvement Helpful painting tips.
Here I show you a sure way to never have to paint your house more than once.

2018 Building an Addition | Adding a Room Tips | Major Home Improvement Project FLoor Plan

2018 Building an Addition | Adding a Room Tips | Major Home Improvement Project FLoor Plan
2018 – Interested in Renovations in your home. This video was filmed on location in New Jersey. Pangione Developers Inc owner – David Pangione hosts this Major Home Remodel.
See this tiny cape cod home completely expanded on all levels. This home addition consisted of the entire home being gutted to the studs. From there the house was expanded with a new 12′ rear addition. The rear house addition is a full 2 levels.
The old roof was removed and an entire new 2nd floor was added on.
The existing garage roof was removed as well and the 2nd floor was also expanded above the garage.

Interior remodeling: Inside of the house, the entire interior was gutted. From the basement upwards. We removed the old basement interior. The existing staircase was also removed and relocated to just in front of the new front door.

Take a look at the specialty mouldings throughout. The mouldings really make this house that much better.

On the new 2nd floor, we added 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms as well as a laundry. In Bergen County NJ, second floor laundries are very popular especially in our new home remodeling projects.
The master suite is very spacious. we included a 10′ cathedral ceiling. To enter the master bath suite, simply slide open the pocket door and the bathroom opens up into a very nice layout including his and her bathroom sinks, a custom shower and an amazing self standing soak tub. There is a private toilet as well. The master closet is all customized with shelving.

Take a look at this Major Home Remodeling Project located in Bergen County New Jersey.

30 Quick and Easy Home Organization Tips To Clear The Chaos

30 Quick and Easy Home Organization Tips To Clear The Chaos
30 Quick and Easy Home Organization Tips To Clear The Chaos

1. Hang Up Your Aprons and Pot Holders

2. Give Lids Their Own Space

5 steps to an organised kitchen cupboard – including the tupperware cupboard!

3. Store Kitchenware According To Use

4. Use Small containers for The Junk drawers

5. Store Utensils Stylishly At An Arm’s Reach

6. Utilize White boards in kitchen

7. Tape Magnets On Your Wrap Dispensers

8. Turn Your Cake Pan or Lazy Susan Into A Spice Rack

9. Put It Above the Range

10. Choose A Storage island for kitchen

11. Make Sure Your Side Table Has Drawers

12. Display Your Jewelry Piles

13. Dress the windows with large curtains

14. Don’t Be Afraid To Choose A Bed With Under Storage

15. Revamp Corner Clutter Into Decor

16. Always Make Your Bed

17. Utilize Trunks for bedroom storage

18. Go With Tall Furniture Pieces

Painted Bedroom Dresser

19. Transform Your Closet Door Into Storage Space
Spring Infinity Scarves Only $5.95 Shipped

20. Place Baskets In Bare Corners

21. Keep cords organized with paper toilet tubes

Organize Your Cords

22. Create A Play Area For The Kids

Managing Toy Organization Without a Playroom – The Struggle Is Real

23. Utilize Shelves Where You Can

24. Crate magazine storage

Kids’ Room Organization Solutions That Are Practical and Attractive

25. Coffee table tray for tv Remote and magazine

Why You Should Use Trays In Your Home Decor

26. Reclaimed wood shelves in living room

27. Get A Remote Control Keeper

28. Living room Remove Visual Clutter

29. Think About Choosing Double-Duty Furniture Pieces

30. Pallet-Shelves for books

How to Make a Pallet Shelf {diy shelf}

Home Improvement Tips w/ JZ HOMES Expert Real Estate Tips

Home Improvement Tips w/ JZ HOMES Expert Real Estate Tips
On this episode of Expert Real Estate Tips, Jason and Lauren discuss some simple yet highly effective ways to increase the value of your property when selling!


-JZ Homes

Top 10 Tips for Home Improvement

Top 10 Tips for Home Improvement
top 10 tips for home improvement. Here are ten pieces of advice to help turn your dwelling place into a better home. the fastest way to increase your home’s value is by making a plan.

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