The Best Method To Get Stubborn Stains From A Carpet

No matter how hard you try, eventually, you’re going to get some stains on your carpet that are going to be difficult to remove. Whether it was for an important birthday party, or a Super Bowl celebration, there are times when people are going to be eating in your living room over the carpet, and accidents do happen. Here are a couple of tried and true methods of getting rid of stubborn carpet stains.

cleaning stained carpet

As soon as the stain happens, take some dry towels and begin to dab the area without doing any scrubbing or rubbing whatsoever. If there are large particles pick those up first, as delicately as possible, so they don’t get pushed down into the fibers of the carpet. Then take a spray bottle with warm water and dampen the whole area where the stain has occurred. Now it’s time to repeat the first step of dabbing the stained area with dry towels until as much of the stain as possible has been removed. If there is still some stain left, it’s time to mix some liquid dish soap with water in the spray bottle and dampen the area once again.


A carpet cleaning company will have more information on how to get stains out of the carpet.  It’s never fun nor easy task.

Now take new dry towels and re-dry the area one more time and the stain should now be gone. However, if there are still some remnants of the stain left it’s time to get some club soda and pour it onto the stained area and let it sit for a minute. The carbonation in the club soda will work like scrubbing bubbles to bring the stain to the top, where again you’ll need to take dry towels and dab the stained area until there is no more stain left to be seen. If you still can’t get the stain out, then it’s time to place a damp towel over the area and call a professional carpet cleaner who will have specialized spot remover chemicals in order to do the job.

Most of the time getting stains out of a carpet is a matter of patience and dabbing. But, when the stain proves too stubborn to remove, it’s time to call in the professionals and get it done right.


What is the difference between Soft Washing and Pressure Washing?

Cleaning your home’s exterior is a simple and budget-friendly way to boost its curb appeal and keep it looking clean and fresh all year long. Not only does it improve your property’s appearance, but it also cuts down on hazards posed by mold, fungus, and mildew. Whether you’re planning to have your home professionally cleaned or do it yourself, you’ll need to decide between pressure washing and soft washing.


Most exterior cleaning companies offer both pressure washing and soft washing services. The cleaning experts can help you determine which option is best for your home, but as the property owner, it’s good to go into the conversation with a solid understanding of both options. Ultimately, the decision to use pressure washing or soft washing depends on which area of the property you plan to wash.


What is Pressure Washing?


A pressure washer is a specialized tool that shoots out a jet of highly pressurized water to clean surfaces. Water emerges from the washer’s hand wand at a pressure of up to 2,500 PSI (pounds per square inch). This makes pressure washing an excellent way to strip away built-up grime, dirt, and mildew that would otherwise be tough to remove with a regular hose.

Pressure washing concrete


Pressure washing is an extremely effective cleaning technique, but the powerful strength of the water can easily damage certain surfaces. It’s not unheard of for a pressure washer to strip away paint, damage shingles, dent siding, and destroy screens. That’s why pressure washing is only recommended for specific surfaces that are durable enough to withstand the highly pressurized water.


Use pressure washing for surfaces like:

Concrete driveways and sidewalks

Brick paver patios

Brick or stone siding


What is Soft Washing?


Soft washing is another popular cleaning method used on exterior surfaces. Instead of relying on highly pressurized water to get the job done, soft washing uses chemicals. Although the specific type of detergent formula varies between brands, they’re generally not considered hazardous to your property or the environment. The chemicals are sprayed out of the hand wand at a pressure of less than 1,000 PSI (pounds per square inch), which makes soft washing much safer for more delicate surfaces.

soft washing wood exterior

Soft washing should be used on surfaces like:

Wood siding

Window screens

Screened-in porches

Cedar shake siding or roofing


As you can see, both pressure washing and soft washing are excellent options for cleaning the exterior of your home. You should base your decision by planning ahead and choosing the right option for the surface you want to clean. If in doubt, your best bet is to consult with a professional exterior washing company.




Busy millennials are hiring professional cleaners to help achieve a better work/life balance.

Millennials and Professional Cleaning Assistance
Work-life balance is a concept that has been getting a lot of attention in recent years. Companies are realizing that they need to make the wellness of their employee’s top priorities. Employees themselves are realizing that they need to focus on well-being, too. This concept is particularly big among the younger crowd. Individuals who are part of the Millennial generation have schedules that are more action-packed than ever before. They juggle lifestyles that revolve around career, social obligations, errands, pastimes, and beyond. It can often be tough for millennials these days to attain the balance that’s necessary for optimal well-being.

Dealing with household tasks can often zap millennials who have busy lives of a lot of energy. It can be hard for an exhausted person to get home from work late at night only to have to think about cleaning the living room. The mere thought sometimes makes people cringe, and understandably so. Smart millennials, however, have terrific solutions for that major dilemma. What is the solution? The solution is to hire professionals to take on all of their residential cleaning requests. It doesn’t matter if a young professional resides in a compact apartment in the city. It doesn’t matter if he or she lives in a sprawling detached home out in the suburbs, either. Recruiting professional cleaners can do a lot for his or her work-life balance. The assistance of professional cleaners can be ideal for millennials who want to be able to take it easy after they get home in the evenings. It can be ideal for millennials who have rather chaotic and demanding social lives on their plates. Professional cleaning assistance empowers millennials who want to put able to put their thoughts into subjects that have nothing to do with household tasks.

Upholstery cleaning is a big household chore. Cleaning furniture items can often be time-consuming. It can often be difficult to rid furniture pieces of stains and persistently awful smells. That’s the reason that millennials frequently hire trained and seasoned professionals to take on all of their upholstery cleaning requirements. Regular cleaning sessions can help millennials keep their furniture items in tiptop condition for much longer, too.

Carpet cleaning is yet another big focal point for many millennials in this day and age. It can be a headache to have to keep up with carpet maintenance requirements. Carpet can feel cozy and pleasant against the feet. It can also be a haven for the collection of dirt, dust, debris, and allergens in general. Millennials who want to be able to clean their carpeting at home thoroughly frequently make the smart choice to hire professional cleaners. In-depth carpet shampooing sessions can help millennials attain fresh and flawless living spaces.

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Top 6 Tips For Keeping Your Home Clean and Allergen Free

Six Home Cleanliness Suggestions

Effective Clean Home Strategies to Consider


It can be a joy to reside in a home that’s immaculately clean. It can be excellent for health and wellness purposes as well. If you want to live in a residential property that’s fresh, welcoming and devoid of an abundance of allergens, then these six cleaning suggestions can go a long way for you and for the rest of the members of your household.


  1. Eliminate Clutter


If you want to live in a home that isn’t a haven for dust accumulation, you should do away with any existing clutter. You can throw things away that are broken and useless. You can donate things that other people may benefit from as well. Self-storage facilities can sometimes even help.


  1. Rely on Covers


Dust mites aren’t exactly enticing. If you want to maintain a home that defines cleanliness, then it can help to invest in covers for all of your box springs, mattresses and pillows. Search for covers that aren’t vulnerable to the presence of dust mites.


  1. Purchase Curtains That You Can Wash Frequently


It can be icky to live in a home that has curtains that never are clean. If you want to be able to maintain curtains that are sanitary, then you should opt for ones that are part of the “washable” category. Opt for curtains that consist of a fabric that’s synthetic. Standard and unadulterated cotton curtains can be optimal for cleanliness purposes as well.


  1. Engage in Regular Vacuuming Sessions


Allergens are constantly floating around in the air. If you want to protect your living space from irritating allergens, then routine vacuuming sessions can go a long way. You should strive to vacuum every single nook and cranny inside of your home on a weekly basis. If you want optimal results, you should even consider doing so two times per week. Allergens can accumulate pretty rapidly. The same thing applies to dust and debris overall. 

Even with regular vacuuming, some germs and allergens accumulate in carpeting. Hire a carpet cleaning service regularly to remove what the vacuum cleaner can’t.


  1. Don’t Leave Food Out Unattended


You can maintain a fresh and enticing home by paying close attention to any and all food items. Make a point to never leave food out unattended. If you have pets, you may want to remove their meals after they finish eating them. Lingering food items can draw in pests of all kinds. If you don’t want to have to deal with a pest dilemma, you need to manage all food sources well.


  1. Shut Doors and Windows Any Time You Can


It can be a headache to live in a home that’s a sanctuary for pollen. If you want to stop the substance from invading your space, you should shut your doors and windows anytime you can.


8 tips for homeowners to help with choosing carpet for their homes


If you are a current homeowner who has noticed that the carpet within your property’s premises doesn’t necessarily satisfy your own preferences of criteria for essential elements of interior designing, then you may want to consider looking into a vendor that provides you with an optimal selection of choices for high quality grades of carpeting.
When it comes to shopping for carpeting, it is highly imperative for you as a homeowner to ensure that the quality of your choice(s) are of high grade. Meaning, the manufacturing process should consist of ensuring that all threads are kept intact to a point where the fibers will not come apart or fray upon the slightest instances of contact. Unfortunately, there are a vast array of carpet types in today’s industries that aren’t made well. This can lead to one’s carpeting becoming damaged very easily. It will be beneficial for you as a prospective investor in carpeting to ensure that the manufacturing process has been proven as being legitimate and dependable. A home is often considered to be one of the highest valued assets anyone can have ownership of. Therefore, it will only be an advantage for said owner(s) to ensure that they are taking the proper steps towards not only retaining the value of their home property, but also of potentially increasing its value for the future.When choosing carpeting for your home property, you will want to ensure that the color and texture is compatible with your current styling of interior designing. Why choose a type of carpeting that ends up mismatching your home’s current style? Not only is this unattractive, but it can also be detrimental to your property’s overall appraisal value. Prospective home buyers want to walk into a home that shows them that the previous owner(s) knew what they were doing when it comes to interior designing. A great amount of a home’s value is derived from the interior designing elements contained within it.Another aspect of one’s carpet buying experience should consist of looking into the fiber type. If you have children in your household, you may want to invest in a type of carpet that is easy to clean if there happens to be any instances of stain smudging onto it. Also, the toughness of your chosen carpet may be an important aspect of future instances of maintenance as well. Whichever option of carpeting you make, be assured that you will be happy with the outcome of your property’s final look!
Make sure you have a regular carpet cleaning to help the carpets last longer: Find more info at a carpet cleaning service on Long Island, NY site

How Does Carpet Cleaning Improve Indoor Air Quality?

If you are wondering how carpet cleaning can improve air quality, it does so by taking out the microbes and dust that are trapped within the fibers.

You already know that carpets are a peculiar fixture within the house. Not only do they decorate the house, they also trap dust and dirt. This initially cleans the air, however, when the dust and microbes accumulate to a point that they fly when you step on the carpet.

There are many carpet cleaners out there and if you don’t know of any, you should know that finding one is as simple as going to Google and typing carpet cleaners plus the name of your area.

You might be asking yourself why you should hire a carpet cleaner when you can clean your carpet yourself, however, the truth is that it takes a special type of vacuum and special type of liquid to properly clean a carpet and improve the indoor air quality.

Carpet cleaning can improve the quality of your air by cleaning the trapped items in your carpet. In order to thoroughly clean your air, you need to regularly clean your carpet. How often? Well, that really depends on several things, like the foot traffic in your home and your house’s distance from the road.

As we said before, there are many carpet cleaners in practically all major areas in the United States. And it’s important to note that not all of them are created alike. While some are honest professionals, some won’t hesitate to rip you off of your money.

In order to avoid getting scammed, it’s very important that you only hire people who are part of some carpet cleaners trade association.

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How Do I Know When It’s Time to Replace My Roof?

Most of the time, the roof isn’t an element of a home that homeowners think about on a regular basis. In general, they don’t think about the roof until there’s a problem. By the time a problem becomes obvious, though, the damage could already be significant. For that reason, it’s important to know how to spot the signs that it’s time to replace your roof.


The Age of Your Roof


Roofs don’t last a lifetime. In fact, most of them only have a 20-year warranty depending on the materials with which they’re made. Consider how long that you’ve had your roof. If it’s 20 years or older, it might be time to think about replacing it.


Are you unsure how old your roof is? Pay attention to how it looks from the curb. Do you see a lot of streaking and large areas of disrepair? If so, these are signs that you should replace the shingles. If you feel comfortable enough to get on your roof, check the most problematic areas, such as the flashing around the chimney and other joints.


Loose Granules


As shingles age, the granular surface starts to break away. As a result, granules build up in your yard or in your gutters. If you notice this, your asphalt shingles will need replacing sooner rather than later.


Keep in mind that, if your house sits underneath the cover of large trees, you might notice granules breaking loose from the shingles faster than normal. That’s because the trees provide shade, which means that the shingles stay wet for longer than if they got more sunlight. This allows algae and other plant life to grow on the shingles, which breaks down their integrity.


Leaks in the Attic


Before you notice a leak in the living spaces of your house, it will start in the attic. Because of that, it’s a good idea to go up there after heavy rainstorms to look for wet spots along the roofing deck. Haven’t had rain in a while? You can still check for water stains. If you notice any, your roof needs repairs or possibly a replacement.


Rising Energy Bills


Did you know that your roof acts as an insulator against cold and heat invading your house? It does, which is why rising energy bills can be a sign that it’s time to replace your roof. At this point, consider investing in a roofing material that reflects sunlight, like a metal roof, to further lower your energy bill.


Using the information above, you can spot signs that it’s time to replace your roof before major damage occurs. The quicker that you notice these warning signs, the more damage that you can prevent. When it comes to fixing your roof, don’t procrastinate. Work on fixing it today! 

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5 Reasons Why you Should Have Your Windows Professionally Cleaned

Everyone wants the exterior of their home or business to look nice. That’s a given. Now the problem is “How can I make my home or business look good without breaking the bank?” The answer to that question is by having your windows professionally cleaned. Clean windows shows that you care about the appearance of your building, which, when running a business, could give you an edge over your competitors. Let’s look at 5 reasons why you should have your windows professionally cleaned.

  1. Appearance

First and foremost, having clean windows gives your home or business a nice appearance. Having a nice appearance makes your home or business look welcoming to visitors. Compared to cost of repainting your building or making other parts of the exterior look nice, getting professionally cleaned windows seems like a bargain.

  1. Window Longevity

Professional window cleaners know how to make windows last. It’s their job! They can more easily identify and prevent buildup of environmental contaminants like acid rain residue. How easily can you identify acid rain residue? Probably not as well as someone who cleans windows for a living! The cost savings associated with increased window longevity make getting your windows professionally cleaned seem like a no-brainer.

  1. Comfort

Comfort is a wide category in the world of windows, but we’ll define it as relaxation from needing to complete another task. This essentially means a job well done. Cleaning windows on your own is tough, especially when they’re in high places. You may not do as good of a job as a professional and you could leave smudge marks or streaks. By outsourcing this labor, you can rest and relax while certified window professionals make sure your windows are spotless.

  1. Tricky Windows

Have you ever had to clean a window that was hard to reach? Ever been afraid of falling off a ladder? With a professional window cleaner you do not need to worry anymore. Window professionals know how to clean windows in hard-to-reach places.

  1. Pest-related Window Pain

Similar to tricky windows, have you ever tried to clean a window and there is a beehive right next to it? If you have, it probably wasn’t a fun time. Professional window cleaners have experience with pest-related window issues and know how to deal with them. This saved headache is well worth the expense of a window cleaner.

There you have it! 5 reasons why you should have your windows professionally cleaned. Clean windows are a sign of a thriving business and a spectacular home. A professional window cleaner can save you from many window-related problems, all at a low cost to you.                                            

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Professional Carpet Cleaning is a Must for Allergy Sufferers

When using First Aid, rescue personnel focus on breathing as one of the most important steps in assisting an injured or ill person. This is because healthy breathing is an essential health issue. Why do many people live in unpleasant conditions that affect their breathing and overall health? They may not realize that help is available. They may not know that they can do something about their situation.
Allergy Sufferers

Allergy Sufferers

Allergies often run in families and so if the adults experience allergy symptoms, so do their children. If this is the situation in your home, then helping everyone experience easier breathing should be a top priority.
Nature Comes Calling
Many sources of allergens live right in our homes. Dogs and cats produce allergens, but many families love their animals. How do you deal with this? Here are some suggestions:

  • Remove heavy curtains and carpeting
  • Groom animals frequently
  • Have a regular cleaning schedule to remove dander
  • Consider animals with fewer allergen issues
  • Rely on professional carpet cleaning

Pets aren’t the only source of allergens in your house. Pollen blows in through open windows and gets tracked in on shoes. If you’ve ever hung laundry outside or spent the evening enjoying a fire pit, you unintentionally collected pollen and other particles on your clothing. Practice laundering after outdoor events, and keep shoes near the door rather than wearing them throughout the house.
Children And Their Spills
If you have children in your home, then you have accidental spills. As a busy parent, you may not even know about some accidents, or you simply can’t clean them up right away. A spill can become more than just a stain on your carpet, however. It can become a source for trapped moisture hidden beneath your carpeting. A professional cleaning will prevent these problem areas from becoming a source of mold or mildew. You can take other steps as well:

  • Restrict food and drinks to certain parts of the house
  • Teach younger children to let you know if there’s been a spill
  • Teach older children how to clean up little messes immediately
  • Place smaller rugs over the carpeting in areas where children spend their time
  • Use stain guard carpeting and furniture

Final Thoughts
In handling allergen issues in your home, develop a system where the entire family helps out. Remember to ask for professional help, too. Check out a carpet cleaning company in Hillsboro, OR.
Once you’ve gotten used to the routine, preventing allergens in your home will be part of daily life. And so will healthy, easy breathing.


How To Keep Your Home Free Of Pet Odors All Year Long

Eliminaationg Pet Ordors


Pug - Pet Odor Cleaning

I don’t know about you, but when I walk into a home that shares space with a pet or pets, I’m always on guard for dreaded pet odors. The odor is distinct and not easy to get rid of. To help solve the “pet odor” problem, here are some tips to follow.

1. Buy cleaners that are enzymatic, because the enzymes are great for eliminating and neutralizing the smell that accompanies pet waste. Let’s face it, accidents do happen! Just make sure if the “accident” occurs on a rug or hard wood floor, the cleaner doesn’t contain components that might damage the area. Bleach diluted in a pail of water also does wonders to neutralize and disinfect.

2. Any pet odors begin at the source, which clearly is the pet. Whether a cat or dog, it’s important to wipe the animal down often with baby wipes and shampoo regularly with a shampoo made for pets.

Special Tip from Carpet Cleaners in Wentzville, MO: “Use old towels or dish cloths to wipe the pet dry.”

3. Get cleaning products designed for pets like spot scrubbers, vacuums and hair removal brushes. Spend a few minutes each day cleaning areas that the pet frequently visits for food, play or rest. This routine will deter smells from permanently setting in and eliminate unwanted pet hair. Keep in mind, the longer a mess stays, the harder it is to eliminate that foul smelling odor.

Take it from me, these simple tips, with keep your pet and your home smelling fresh as a daisy!