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10 Ways to Deep Clean your House

Every once in a while your home needs a really great deep cleaning.

Here are the top 10 ways to deep clean your home, from top to bottom.

1.) Always start with picking up everything and putting it into its place. It’s amazing how much cleaner it will feel once you start putting things away.

2.) Then move onto the dusting. Don’t just use a feather duster or those dusters that promise to pick up dust like a magnet. You need to use a rag and furniture polish. Be sure to move anything that is on the tables, nightstands, or consoles. Make sure you dust under everything. Once you put the items back where they belong, be sure to clean those as well. Nothing will ruin a deep cleaning like putting dirty items back onto a freshly cleaned surface.

3.) Clean all the windows inside and out. Be sure to use a good window cleaner! Cheaper brand cleaners tend to leave streaks and only leave you feeling frustrated. Be sure to open the windows and clean in between the screen and the glass. This part of the window get very dirty very fast. While you have the glass cleaner out, don’t forget about the mirrors.

4.) If you have window blinds, clean them! If they are fabric this can be hard, but if you have wood or vinyl be sure to use a damp rag to wipe down each piece.

5.) Clean or dust the places that you always forget about. Clean the edges of mirrors and picture frames. Dust off the tops of the fans, these are places that we often overlook when cleaning.

6.) Once you have completed dusting, then it’s time to vacuum. Be sure to vacuum everywhere, move furniture, area rugs or anything else that may be covering the ground.

7.) Deep clean the floors! If you have hardwood then use a good wood cleaner and mop the floors. The same goes for tile, make sure you are using the best products for the material. If you have carpets then I suggest steam cleaning them. It is very easy these days to simply steam clean floors and be able to walk on them in less than 1 hour later. This is a great way to really deep clean your floors.

8.) Focus on the bathrooms. I think this goes without saying but the bathroom is on the of the dirtiest rooms in the house. Be sure to scrub the toilets, use bacteria killing products and bleach to really deep clean. Don’t forget about the shower, this is the place where all the mildew will form. Invest in a great mildew removing agent, many times it’s easy enough to just spray on and leave. If possible buy a new shower liner, these are relatively cheap and easy to replace.

9.) Don’t forget about the kitchen. It seems that you are always cleaning the kitchen, but we often overlook this space for deep cleaning. Microwaves, ovens, and fridges are the places that most often are in need for a deep cleaning. I would recommend removing anything that can be removed such as fridge shelves and cleaning them separately. For the microwave and oven use the special grease fighting products that will remove the stuck on stains.

10.) Use the washing machine! Always wash all of the bedding, sheets, pillow covers, even pillows. Nothing feels better than sleeping in a clean bed. If possible wash rugs and pillow covers. Always be sure to read the care instructions before washing so you do not ruin the quality.

11.) Using the correct products can make your job that much easier. Be sure to read and research the product before you buy them. It is worth it to spend the money on a product that will help make your home shine.