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3 Home Improvement Ideas & Trends from the Seattle Home Show

3 Home Improvement Ideas & Trends from the Seattle Home Show
LED lighting, covered outdoor patios & updating master bathrooms are 3 hot Home Improvement trends that we learned about at the Seattle Home Show. Read the full article:

LED Lighting

LED lighting is more energy efficient, lasts longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, and is even slightly more efficient than CFL lighting. A recent study by Consumer Reports recommended LED lights over CFLs because LEDs are mercury-free, brighten instantly and offer superior light quality. Even at per bulb, LED lighting can save consumers about 0 over their 23-year lifespan while CFL bulbs save over incandescent light bulbs.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Many of the home show ideas for creating outdoor living spaces in the Seattle area included building covered patios in order to take advantage of outdoor space year-round. The coverings ranged from as simple as an awning to an extension off the house or independent gazebo. A personal favorite idea was to include an outdoor fireplace and heater to make the outdoor space comfortable year-round.

Updating Master Bath

For homeowners looking to remodel, but who don’t have the budget to conquer the whole house, the master bathroom is a place to start. We learned that many homeowners are forgoing large remodeling projects in favor of upgrades to key areas. The most popular room to upgrade is the master bathroom. Many homeowners are looking to bring the spa home and make their en suite bathroom into a retreat. The home show had all sorts of ideas to make you drool: fixtures and materials to turn the bathroom into a high-tech spa, including an automated toilet/bidet with touch screen. If you don’t have the budget for a major overhaul, small changes like updating tile or fixtures can help give an upgraded look without the upgraded costs.

Thanks to all the people we talked to at the home show and a special thanks to Malones Landscape and Ferguson photos and ideas.