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31 Genius home decor ideas

31 Genius home decor ideas
This is 31 Genius home decor ideas you can duplicate today:
1. use a Command hooks.

2. Re-purpose an old rhinestone necklaces
3. Pot in the Pot.
4.use colored tape for the hangers.
5. Use a hollowed-out book to hide an unsightly router.
6. a light bulb and shadow
7. Use an upside-down Command hook on the backside..
8. A Jute rope and curtain ..
9. Curtain from inexpensive duvet cover..
10. paint the sides of your door.
11. Painting the sides of a dresser..
12. Place a can under a candle inside a large vase
13. Put a mouthwash in a decanter.
14. An array of candles in an unused fireplace and light.
15. Update an unsightly fan with ribbons and tape.

16.a lampshade with glitter
17. Half-painted walls tricks
18. Tie shower curtains on with bows..
19. Poke holes in a dark lampshade ..
20. a wall hanging with “engineer prints.”
21. a removable contact paper and photo gallery.
22. A slim floating bookcase..

Floating Bookcases

23. an embroidery floss and screen door.
24. Use a paste of water and cornstarch to make removable wallpaper from fabric.
25. Paint your unsightly vinyl or laminate floors.
26. a lightbulb on a cord off of a wall-mounted shelf bracket.
27. a heavy things on your walls and tape
28. use stair treads and corbels to make bookshelves
29. Transform a window roller blind by pretty fabric and hot glue.
30. an ugly rubber mat and spray adhesive.
No-sew fabric projects:
31. The website link is
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