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4 Home Improvement Tips for Summer

4 Home Improvement Tips for Summer
It’s home improvement season. Today i have a few tips to get your home ready for summer and on.

First, now is a perfect time to have your air conditioning system tuned up so it’s ready when you need it. Just like your car, some simple diagnostics, oiling and a filter change is a smart investment to help ward off larger problems.

Another home appliance that is often forgotten is your water heater. To extend the life of your water heater, I recommend flushing out the tank annually. For tankless units make sure to hire a professional.

Third, we had a very wet spring and you may have roof leaks that went undetected. Call now while wait times are short to schedule a roof inspection.

Finally, if you go on vacation for more than a weekend, I highly recommend turning off the water supply at the main shut off valve to avoid damage from a flood. Learn more at