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47 Painting tips and tricks

47 Painting tips and tricks
Exterior painting or interior painting, these ideas will give you some valuable tricks:
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1. Use a lint roller to clean the fuzzies off your cheap paint roller before you start.

2. Swiffer the walls before painting.

3. Line a paint tray with a plastic bag or aluminum foil.

4. Cut out the side of a milk jug to create a paint holder with a built-in handle and brush-holder.

5. Tap nails into each leg when painting a table or chair.

8. And protect awkward objects with plastic wrap.

9. Trim off the edges of a used paint roller.

10. Use this Martha Stewart kit to turn acrylic paint into a spray can.

11. This is probably the best quality gold spray paint.

12. Use the “W” or zig-zag method to get a smooth, even finish.

13. You CAN paint concrete.

Vinegar Uses: The Best Way to Clean Paint Brushes & More

14. Use this stuff before painting laminate and particleboard..

15. Well- Armed tape dispenser…

16. To strip furniture indoors, remove paint with Citrustrip and cover with a garbage bag.

17. Paint Vaseline over any tiny areas you DON’T want painted, like screws or hinges.

18. For painting trim, ..

20. Use pimple pads ..

21. Precision Q-tips are your friend.

23. To help with paint fumes..

24. If your tape is old and won’t roll without peeling..

25. Before painting metal, wipe it down with vinegar.,,20260150_20583256,00.html

26. Need to take a break or waiting for paint to dry?

27. Add a little bit of this stuff to make your latex paint go on smoother.

28. spray paint an item inside of a cardboard box.

29. Or use a plastic garment bag for a larger item.

Plastic wardrobe = spray-painting tent

32. Here’s a frugal paint-saving roller trick:

33. To avoid roller marks on furniture, only go in one direction.


35. Run a brown paper bag ..


37. Or, if you have a very small amount of paint, use a Slobproof! pen.


39. When painting over existing paint.

40. Peel painter’s tape off shortly after the paint dries to avoid chipping.

41. Remove paint tape ..

42. To ensure clean lines when painting stripes..

43. Soak gunky paintbrushes in hot vinegar for 30 minutes to clean them…,,20260150_20583237,00.html

44. Fix uneven baseboards with caulk.

45. Cover the open can with plastic wrap to keep the lid from sticking.

46.rub a candle over the wood.

47. Tape pieces of cardboard ..