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5 Habits to have in order to keep your kitchen clean

We all have a kitchen and it is incredibly hard to keep clean, especially if you have a family. From the never-ending stack of dishes sitting in the sink to the grime hiding in your fridge, it can easily be said that keeping your kitchen clean is a challenge. There’s no reason to give up on the room entirely; with a few simple tips your kitchen will not only become cleaner but stay cleaner longer.

1. Never Leave Dishes in the Sink Overnight
It is so tempting after a long day of work to abandon the dishes from the day in the sink. Those dishes will be sitting there all night attracting bugs and getting crusty. Take that extra five minutes to either load the dishwasher, hand wash the dishes, or, give them a rinse so no food is present.


2. Sweep the Floor Daily
Most kitchen floors have a lot of foot traffic due to family members coming and going to the fridge. This results in more dirt and dust on the floor along with any food that may have fallen during food preparation. Make sure to sweep the floor at least once a day. It only takes a minute to do and will save you effort down the road.

3. Before Every Grocery Trip Clean Out the Fridge
Everyone goes grocery shopping at different intervals such as weekly, biweekly, and monthly. While making your grocery list do two simple things to maximize your productivity and get some cleaning done. First, throw away any old or expire food. Second, wipe down the shelves. This will help you keep the fridge clean and make more room for groceries.

4. Scrub the Counters
Once a week really clean your counters good with soap and water. Move large items and wipe under them. Doing this on a regular basis prevents nasty buildup in rarely seen areas.

5. Mop That Floor
Break out the mop, or the Swiffer Wetjet, and give the floor a good scrub. You may not see the dirt with the naked eye but it is there; your mopwater will prove it. This should be done weekly.

These 5 easy habits will ensure a cleaner kitchen. When you suddenly have guests it is ok because you know your kitchen is presentable. Cleaning a little at a time it makes the job much easier and allows for a more thorough clean.  Tile Cleaning Fresno Site.