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5 Tips for Cleaning Natural Stone

Natural Stone Cleaning Tips
Natural stone can be hard to clean. Whether it’s on your floor, countertop, or another place in your home, maintaining natural stone can be a difficult task. It’s a super-sensitive material and can be damaged when not cleaned properly. In order to maintain the natural beauty of the stone elements in your home, be sure to follow these helpful tips.

1. Stay clear of acidic cleaning agents. Things such as lemons, vinegar, and other acidic cleaning products associated with cleaning, can cause damage to your natural stone. Make sure to stay away from these products to ensure that damage is not caused.

2. Clean up stains and spills immediately. Natural stone can be damaged by spills, so make sure that when something is spilled, clean-up is immediate. When certain things, like soda or ketchup, spill onto the stone, the ingredients in the spill can cause permanent damage to your stone. Even water can damage your stone if it sits for too long or if the stone was not sealed and treated correctly.

3. Use PH-neutral soap. PH neutral soap, especially when cleaning soap, is very gentle and will not cause damage, as more abrasive cleaning products can. PH balanced soap is often used when washing dishes in a dishwasher, chances are you already have some!

4. Use cleaners specifically made for natural stone. If you are more interested in a store-bought cleaner for your stone, make sure that you are careful in your choices. If you are afraid of ruining your natural stone, be sure to only use cleaners for the specific type of stone you are cleaning. So check the instructions and make sure that it’s safe for your cleaning needs. This is the best way to ensure that your stone will not be damaged during the cleaning process.

5. Warm water and small amounts of ammonia. When used in small amounts, ammonia is a very effective cleaner for all types of stone including, marble, granite, and slate. Bleach can also be used in small amounts if you want, but don’t use a lot or mix it with ammonia. This is an easy and effective way to clean your stone if you don’t mind the smell.

Natural stone is a beautiful component of any home, but maintaining its beauty can be difficult. Always make sure that any store-bought cleaner you use is safe for your stone, or just use these other helpful tips to clean your stone.