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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget
Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

Nowadays people spend more than $ 10,000 to remodel the entire bathroom. Homeowners who opt for larger bathrooms and complete with decorative natural stone floor and a few showers . But , if your budget can not quite handle the expense jetted tub or bath marble , there are many options that provide high style without increasing credit card bills .

The best place to start is with paint . Add a splash of color can do wonders for your bathroom . Start by changing the color of your walls to glow light and airy . The best option is blues , purple and light neutral colors , all of which convey calming and soothing feeling that is perfect for a relaxing feel in your bathroom . Another option for a quick upgrade that adds color to change the faucets and fixtures . Add a splash of class or style can quickly change the entire look and feel of your bathroom . A hot trend right now brushed brass fixtures , which convey a sense of the rich and classy that complements the neutral colors . Another popular choice is the faucet that buck the standard display with a unique layout or design .

The main area of ​​focus in the current luxury bathroom is the shower . If you prefer to have a bath tub , there are three general types to choose from : a standard drop -in tub , freestanding tub or walk – in tubs . Many homeowners opt for air jet tub with therapy and massaging effect while also allowing homeowners to use bath salts or bubble . If you prefer to bathe only the layout , the possibilities are endless . Rain today is carwashes almost human with the ability to install multiple shower heads with different spray and angles .

If this option is not for you , try going with a simple upgrade . Adding a high window near the top of the tub or shower can allow natural light into the area , which is open all and you feel less like you crawl into a cave for a shower . Additionally , consider your current regrouting tub and tile . This simple task can go a long way in eliminating the dingy appearance that has accumulated over several years of use . Another option is the installation of prefabricated tub or shower surround , which can replace or mounted on top of the existing bathroom and type depending on the model selected . Finally , consider adding a luxurious shower head , such as rainfall or massaging shower head for an extra touch .

The final element that distinguishes a luxury bathroom of a standard bathroom is lighting and flooring . Lighting , while often overlooked , may be the best way to control the feel of your bathroom . A good idea is to install such a diverse set of lights near the area overhead vanity lights and indirect lighting is ideal for bathing low-key and relaxed .

Flooring upgrades also popular with natural stones and tiles are very popular in the luxury bathroom . Because this type of flooring can be cold , many homeowners choose to install a sub – floor heating systems warm the floor with hot water . A more economical option is to use a low-voltage electric mat , which is smaller in size but provides enough of a warm area to stand while getting ready each morning .

In addition to remodeling ideas , top off with the bathroom accessories that accentuate the look and feel of your bathroom . If you ‘re looking for an elegant appeal , however small glass container with a magnificent stainless steel top to store cotton balls and Q – tips popular accent . If you are looking to feel warm and low key , a popular choice is a basket to store lotion and towels . Finally , top it off with new drawer pull or towel rod to fit the look updated and carry the theme throughout your bathroom .