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What is the Best Way to Budget For a Home Remodel?

The best way to budget for a home remodel is to work within the parameters of your finances. You should have an idea in mind for the overhead costs that will be incurred for the kitchen, bathrooms, and living areas.

The kitchen is probably going to be where you spend the most money because this is the focal point of the entire house. You should ideally consider investing a significant amount of money into nice countertops (ideally granite or some other very hard surface), as well as a backsplash behind the counter space. You should also budget for appliances like a new stove, a new refrigerator, a dishwasher, and a warming oven (if desired). Also, expect to spend a decent amount of money on cabinets if you want the kitchen to look really nice. You should also have some type of lighting. If you decide to get an island for the kitchen, that will also need hard countertop material. This will not be cheap, but at the end of the day, all the countertops will give the kitchen an overall great appearance that looks nice and polished. Additionally, you will need something in your budget for tiles in the kitchen.

For the bathrooms, you need to budget for a new tub, double vanities in the master bathroom, single vanities for the other bathrooms, and new fixtures like a new toilet, new sinks, and showerheads. You might also need fixtures like faucets, handles for the sinks, towel bars, and lighting. You’re also going to need new bath towels, a bath curtain, grout for the tub, and tile for the bathrooms.

For the various living spaces, you are going to need carpeting, and various kinds of furniture like couches, tables, chairs, armchairs, lamps, and other lighting fixtures. Shop for furniture in advance to be sure you get the best price. Consider investing in blinds or drapes for windows. You might want to have newer windows installed depending on how old your current windows are so that they will be more energy-efficient. This will save you lots of money on heating bills. If you need to replace any room doors or the front door in your house, this will definitely cost extra, so plan for that as well if it applies. As a side note, for bedrooms, you will need closet organizers, beds, dressers, tables, lamps, and chairs.
Also, budget for landscaping outside.