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Chain Link Fence Installation Tips: Attaching Fence Fabric and Gate

Chain Link Fence Installation Tips: Attaching Fence Fabric and Gate
The posts are set and the bands are in place, now it is time to install the fabric and gate for your chain link fence. First, you will install the fabric. Start by inserting the tension bar through the end loops on the fabric and the tension bands on the terminal post. Then unroll the chain link fencing fabric on the ground. Stand up against the fence, taking out any excess slack. Attach a few wire ties to hold the fabric in place.

Now, remove the excess fabric at the end of the fencing line by opening up the loops at the top and the bottom Then twist the strand out. Follow up by taking a tension bar and inserting it 3 feet into the fabric. Add a temporary tension band on the terminal post and hook the stretcher bar to the temporary tension bar. Attach the come-along to the stretcher and to the temporary tension band on the post. Slowly and evenly tighten the fabric. There should just be enough tension so you cannot squeeze the fabric with your fingers.

Once the fabric is tight along the run, pull the rest of it tight against the terminal end post. Insert a tension bar through the fabric and tension bands on the terminal post. Secure with bolts. Carefully loosen and remove stretching tools.

Secure fabric to the top rail and the line posts with wire ties and to the tension wire with clips. Continue installing fence fabric between terminal posts until the entire fence, except the gate, is completed.

Now you are ready to attach the chain link gate. Start by installing the post side of the hinges. Attach with bolt and socket wrench. Make sure the top pin faces down and the bottom pin faces up. Then loosely attach the frame hinges to the gate. Use blocks to hold the gate to height and position. Adjust the bottom frame hinge to attach to the the bottom frame pin. Then do the same to the top hinge.

Finally, it is time for the latch. Attach with bolts at a comfortable height and adjust the hinges accordingly. For regular maintenance, oil the gate hardware once a year and clean fencing fabric with a hose as necessary. For more helpful how-to videos like this one, visit

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