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Decorative Metal Fence Installation Tips: Installing Posts and Panels

Decorative Metal Fence Installation Tips: Installing Posts and Panels
In this video, Lowe’s home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, demonstrates how to set posts and panels for a decorative metal fence. To learn how to layout and dig post holes and to find printable instructions for this video, visit The installation for this decorative metal fence is fairly easy, as the rails simply fit into holes in the post. This particular metal fence is safe to use around a swimming pool, which is something to consider when installing your fence.

Before you set the posts in concrete, install the caps on top. Then make sure the bottom fence rail is 2 inches above the ground to allow for lawn work. Mark your posts where the ground line will be. When working with prefabricated fence panels, you only want to dig a few post holes at a time. The manufacturer will suggest spacing, but typically it’s going to be the width of your panels on-center.

There are three different kinds of fence posts available:
1. End posts – These posts have holes on one side
2. Line posts – These posts have holes on opposite sides
3. Corner posts – These posts will have holes on adjacent sides

Mike first starts with an end fence post, adding enough gravel into the post hole to bring the mark level to the ground line. Then set the gate post against the layout line and hold it in place with clamps and braces. Follow by making sure the plumb is level with the post level. Now you can add concrete, making sure to fill until it is 2 inches below ground level to allow for dirt to be added and grass to grow.

Now that the posts are set, you can start attaching the panels. You can either stair step your fence or change the panels to be racked. Either way, adjust your fence post spacing accordingly. First, set the panel in place on the gate or terminal post, sliding it into the post notches. You might want to use blocks of wood to support the fence panels as you are installing. Add gravel to the bottom of the next fence post hole and then lower your post, sliding it onto the panel.

You might have to cut some fencing panels to fit properly. All you need to do to cut a fence panel is:
1. Temporarily set the next fence post in place
2. Measure between the posts on-center
3. Transfer the measurement to the panel, keeping equal space to the first picket on both ends
4. Cut the fence rails and notch the ends if necessary

Once you have checked to see the next fence post is against the layout line, temporarily hold in place with clamps and braces. Make sure it is plumb with the post level, then add concrete until it is 2 inches below ground level. Finally, secure rails to the fence posts. You will continue this process, making sure as you go that tops and sides are straight.

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