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Home Energy Saving Tips – Home 101

Home Energy Saving Tips – Home 101
When you are a homeowner, energy costs can be one of the biggest wallet draining expenses. Using these tips, save on those bills and most importantly save energy.

Drafty windows and doors are a big source of heating and air leaks. Use a candle flame to see if a window or door has a draft. For exterior doors, use a bead of paintable caulk around the edge of the door to form an air tight seal. Use a caulk finishing tool to smooth out the caulk. Insert a door sweep on the bottom of exterior doors to keep the air in! Electric outlets are another source of air leaks. Install an outlet sealer to close the gaps.

When it comes to light bulbs, use compact florescent lights or CFL’s. They not only last 10x longer than a normal bulb, but they save energy at the same time. To conserve water, use a slow flow shower head. Finally, insulate the pipes in your home. The insulation will keep the water in the pipes warm. For more great home projects and tips like this, visit

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