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Home improvement tips for finshing drywall

Home improvement tips for finshing drywall
Lots of people make the same mistakes–me included–finishing drywall. Typically, they:

– Use too much mud
– Try to get it too perfect too soon
– Go over and over the same spot too many times
– Sand too much
– Make a huge mess

After a LOT of trial and error, I’ve found a few things that help reduce mess, reduce effort, reduce sanding, and enable me to user the same tool–a drywall knife–for several different things. This won’t change your life, but it might help you on your next time you finish drywall.

This reduces the time I spend going back and forth to the tool box, which I also like.

Day-to-day drywall and painting contractors might have a nervous breakdown watching how I do this, but as a carpenter I don’t finish drywall every day, so my process probably isn’t as dialed in.

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