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How to Paint Exterior Trim and Wood Home Siding

How to Paint Exterior Trim and Wood Home Siding
A fresh coat of paint is the best way to make the outside of a home look better. Before painting, be sure to prep the exterior properly. Once it is prepped, you will be ready to go. For this project you will need: exterior pant, stir sticks, rollers, brushes, roller grid, a ladder and masking supplies. To figure out how much paint you will need visit

For any outdoor project, use acrylic latex paint. It drys quickly, is resistant to fading and cleans well with water. When beginning to paint, work from side to side from the top down. Start by cutting in around the trim with a brush, and don’t forget to paint the under part of the siding. Once a section is cut in, you can paint with the face with a roller. Work in sections, and do not stop in the middle. After every side of the house is painted, you can now paint the trim. Mask the windows and using a trim brush, paint from top to bottom in clean even strokes.

If you need to stop mid project, it is important to properly store your paint and paint brushes. Using the roller grid, rid any excess paint from the roller. Cover the bucket of paint with the lid. Using plastic wrap, wrap the brushes and rollers and store in a shaded area.

Once you are finished, be sure to check for any spots you may have missed and touch up. Clean your supplies, and take a step back and see the refreshing look of your home. For more painting advice and videos, visit

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