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How To Patch A Hole In Sheetrock. Drywall Repairs.

How To Patch A Hole In Sheetrock. Drywall Repairs.
Learn how to patch large holes in sheetrock, plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum, or drywall fast. Simple sheetrock patching hacks for large or small holes. How to fix a hole someone kicked or punched in a wall. Wall repair hacks. Home improvement and DIY tips fixing holes in the walls.

The drywall tools and supplies I use are available right here:

Homax spray texture:
Homax orange peel texture:
Homax acoustic ceiling texture:
Crawfords spackle:
12″ taping knife:
6″ joint knife:
3M hand masker:
14″ mud tray:
1″ spackle knife:
Sheetrock knife:
Jib key hole saw:

Drywall (also known as plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum board)

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