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Husqvarna Chainsaw Safety Tips

Husqvarna Chainsaw Safety Tips
Learn how to safely operate your Husqvarna chainsaw with these chainsaw safety tips and guidelines. Avoid all situations that you feel are beyond your capabilities.

Before operating your chainsaw, wear proper chainsaw safety gear, including ear and eye protection, gloves, boots, and appropriate clothing. Always have a safety kit and a fire extinguisher near by.

Every Hasqvarna Chainsaw is equipt with a chain break. The chain brake is designed to stop the chain should you encounter any kickback and is designed to reduce any accidents. Be aware of the kickback zone. Hold the chainsaw firmly and do not let go if you experience kickback. Use the chain brake when moving over short distances to prevent the chain from hitting anything or anyone.

Be sure to practice fuel safety when refueling your chainsaw. Never refuel the chainsaw when it is running or is still hot from use. Make sure your fueling area has plenty of ventilation as well. Wipe any access fuel off of the chainsaw. Find Husqvarna Chainsaws at

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