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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Tips: Before You Call a Professional

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Tips: Before You Call a Professional

► Nadia’s kitchen remodeling tips – what to do before you call a professional

○ Doing your Homework
– Make a budget
– Define your priorities
– Ask around
– Research online
– Know your restrictions

○ Being Thorough with Contractors
– Be upfront with your expectations
– Contact your local Better Business Bureau to make sure your contractor hasn’t had complaints
– Create a list of questions and makes sure your contractor can answer them
– Read the fine print
– Learn about permits to double check your contractor

More Tips
○ Decide how much help you need/want
There are different types of kitchen remolding professionals to choose from based on the needs you’ll have: designers, contractors, electricians, plumbers and installers.

A big part of deciding what pros you’ll need is based off of how much you’re comfortable doing on your own and how much help you can afford.

○ Define your priorities
You have to do your homework to determine what your likes and dislikes are and define your priorities. You want a restaurant grade oven and refrigerator but you also need to hire a plumber and an electrician. Knowing where your priorities are can help you decide where to best spend your budget and where you can comprise when you need to hire a pro.

○ Use kitchen design software to save money and find the right professionals
Using a design program, such as Homestyler, allows you to visualize your kitchen remodeling ideas before buying a thing.
In addition, you’ll determine the initial budget planning yourself which will save you money that you can use for appliances or hiring pros.

Save all your designs online, then share them with potential remodeling professionals and contractors, so you can get more than one bid.

○ Find licensed contractors with good references
Choose your contractor wisely. Ask your friends for referrals. Do call references, and always ask to see their license.

Remember to print out and share your kitchen design so you can get the most accurate bids from the professionals you are looking to hire.

○ Learn about permits and your home owners association
Remodeling a kitchen tends to take a lot longer than we allow. If you need permits, that will add to your schedule. Also, you will need to be familiar with any construction restrictions your home owners association has. Those restrictions can increase the time (and costs) it takes to complete your kitchen remodel as well.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Tips: Before You Call a Professional

Doing your homework before you interview and hire a professional can make your kitchen remodeling project go more smoothly. Try using online design software, like the free* Autodesk Homestyler, to help you visualize your kitchen remodeling ideas and see them in 3D. Then save and share your thoughts as you meet with potential designers, contractors and other pros. Professional designer Nadia Geller gives you a few essential tips to get you started.

*Autodesk Homestyler is a free online service that provides access to home design software created by Autodesk. Free products and services are subject to the terms of use that accompany them.

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