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Kitchen Remodeling Part 2 – Planning Your Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Part 2 – Planning Your Kitchen
Turn your kitchen remodeling ideas into an actual design by planning your kitchen. You likely have some ideas already about the color and style you want for your kitchen. If you’re still not sure about some things, don’t worry. Visit a Lowe’s kitchen specialist to find answers and suggestions for your kitchen remodeling project.

The layout is important. All kitchens have cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and appliances, but the arrangement is key to a functional, beautiful space. The kitchen work triangle is the space between the sink, refrigerator and stove. In the work triangle, there should be enough room to work comfortably, but not so much that there is unnecessary space and extra walking.

A one-wall layout works well for small spaces. An L shape works well to connect the kitchen to other spaces. A galley minimizes walking. A U-shape routes traffic away from the work area. A G-shape is a great layout for a solo-cook.

Multiple work zones, varied countertop heights, and cabinets with lazy-susans can make your kitchen more accessible for multiple generations.

Detailed and precise measurement is crucial to a kitchen remodel. Inaccurate measurements could mean things don’t fit, which could mean extra costs and time delays. Lowe’s kitchen specialists can take your measurements and ideas to create a computer generated perspective printout of your kitchen.

You kitchen cabinets from Lowe’s will be created especially for your kitchen. They will be delivered to your home, so find a warm, dry location that is convenient to your kitchen to store your cabinets.

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