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Lawn Health and Over-Seeding Tips – Home 101

Lawn Health and Over-Seeding Tips – Home 101
One of the best things about home ownership is having a great yard. If you are starting from scratch, apply fertilizer and seed. Start along the parameter of the lawn and then zig back and forth making sure you do not miss any spots. If you are patching up parts of the lawn, till the area, apply top soil, fertilizer and seed. Water lightly in the morning and afternoon to keep the soil moist. Once the grass has grown 1″ limit the watering to once a day. When the grass reaches 2.5″-3″ start mowing the grass. And after 3 mows, begin a once a week watering schedule. To make your lawn thicker–over-seed. Over-seeding creates hearty full grass. Regular lawn maintenance is crucial. Remember to water and keep the grass moist. For more helpful Home 101 videos, visit

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