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Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Home Comfortable this Summer

It’s common to experience a bit of discomfort in your home during the summer months as the temperatures rise outside. This can make it difficult to feel at ease and also affects the quality of your space if you start to sweat. Fortunately, there are a few maintenance tips to follow to keep your home cool and comfortable this summer.

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Make Use of Your Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fans are extremely useful when it comes to keeping each room in the house cool and don’t use a lot of energy, which will keep your electricity costs low during the warmer months. Change their direction and make them operate counterclockwise to ensure warm air circulates downward and warm air goes upward.

Use Your Curtains
Make use of your curtains to ensure you block any heat from transferring into the building through the windows. Use thick color-blocking curtains that add insulation to the building and keep the cool air inside the home. This will prevent your air conditioner from working harder than necessary to operate.

Close the curtains during the warmest parts of the day, and open them back up in the evening when the outdoor temperatures are cooler. You can also consider adding a UV-blocking film to the windows of your home, which will prevent natural light from filtering into your home and increasing the temperature.

Replace the AC Filters
Many people forget to replace their AC filters every two to three months, which can affect how hard the appliance works to operate. Replacing the AC filters can make it easier to maintain a low temperature in the building and can reduce the risk of excess wear and tear on the parts.

It’s also important to examine your thermostat to ensure it’s working correctly and the temperature is accurate. Wait until the evening to operate your dishwasher or washing machine, which can cause heat to be released into the interior setting.

Perform an Inspection
Hire a professional AC repair company to perform an inspection on the outside unit to determine if any issues are present and if everything is working correctly. A technician can diagnose any issues that are present and also identify if repairs are needed to ensure the appliance continues to operate well on warm days without the risk of it breaking down. The professional will also remove any leaves or twigs that are inside of the unit, which can affect its operation and lead to damage.

Following the right maintenance tips can allow you to maintain a specific temperature in your home when the summer season arrives. This can allow you to escape heat waves and relax indoors to ensure you enjoy the season more.