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Pressure or Power Wash Your Home

Pressure or Power Wash Your Home
Pressure washing your home siding is the most effective and cost efficient way to keep your home looking new. It removes dirt, mold, mildew and algae quickly and with this video you will learn how to do so safely and properly. Generally, a good cleaning is needed every 2 years. For this project you will need a power washer, a hose and detergent.

To begin, prep your home. Close the windows, cover lighting fixtures with plastic and tape to protect them and turn off any power to open outlets around your home. Cut any shrubs or landscaping that touch the house so they do not become damaged.

Attach the hose to the pressure washer and add detergent to the tank, or the detergent tube. Attach the low pressure attachment tip. Press the spray trigger until you can begin to see the detergent. Start from bottom to top to prevent streaking. Pressure wash each side of your home when the sun is not directly shining on it to prevent the detergent from drying.

Once the detergent has set in for about 5-10 minutes, switch the tip on your pressure washer to high pressure and begin rinsing the surface. Rinse from the top down and allow 1-3 hours to dry.

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