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Soldering Tips (QUICK TIPS) — by Home Repair Tutor

Soldering Tips (QUICK TIPS) — by Home Repair Tutor
Would you like some soldering tips…these are quick tips.
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I’ve used propane and MAP-Pro for soldering. IMO MAP-Pro is better because it heats up copper pipes faster. So, if you’re considering propane or MAP-Pro I’d recommend looking into the MAP-Pro.

Here are some basic soldering tips.

Cut copper pipe with a good tool, something like the Ridgid No. 15 or AutoCut tool. Then debur the copper and remove any shards using a pipe cleaner. You can also use emery cloth.

Clean the inside of any fittings, e.g. 90 degree elbows or T-fittings.

Apply a thin layer of flux to the outside of the pipe and inside of the fitting. Check for any debris in the flux as this will affect the quality of the soldering job.

Add heat to the pipe for a few seconds then behind the fitting. Once the flux starts to sizzle it’s time to apply the solder, although I constantly dab the solder on the joint. When the solder melts into the joint and you’re satisfied with the coverage, wipe the joint with a clean cloth.

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