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The Idaho Painter & Home Improvement Hacks.

The Idaho Painter & Home Improvement Hacks.
Home improvement tips, tools, projects, hacks and more! Oh, and how to paint a house for the DIY or professional painter. You home repair headquarters.

Who is The Idaho painter? I love teaching the world to paint. Heck I just love teaching anything. I also enjoy making painting and home improvement videos. Painting has been a true love and teaching others how to paint like a pro is just enjoyable. Come visit my channel and subscribe so you do not miss any of my upcoming videos. FREE as always.

The Idaho Painter music video. Just having fun as a painter making some music and writing songs. Hope you enjoy. Rappers gel-in and rapping with The Idaho Painter. Can painters be cool? Can painters rap? This rapper love painters and will let you know with our new song. Written by Chris The Idaho Painter.

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