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Tips on Deck Renovation, Part 1: Installing Composite Deck Posts

Tips on Deck Renovation, Part 1: Installing Composite Deck Posts
Whether you’ve just moved into a new house, or your deck is weathered, updating a deck doesn’t always mean that you have to replace the whole thing. Updating a deck can give a home the same appeal and look as a new deck with just a few simple updates. Freshen the look of your deck by updating the railings, lattice and adding decorative components such as post caps. By adding these simple, quick replacements your deck will be looking new in no time.

When considering updating a deck think about what type of material you will use. Composite decking is a great alternative to standard wood decking. It is durable, easy to maintain and it will keep a deck looking great for years to come.

To begin, take down the old railings and lattice using a screwdriver. Next install the deck posts. Cut holes to fit the posts using a square into the deck boards. Cut holes for the posts using a jig saw. Using joist mount brackets to hold the posts in place, install flush with the decking. Attach the brackets by drilling pilot holes underneath the deck. Cut posts to height and set post in the holes along the brackets and make sure they are plum with the decking. Add the decorative base molding to add a decorative look. To learn how to install composite deck railings and for part 2 of this video, visit

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