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Tips On Exterior Wood Siding Paint Preparation

Tips On Exterior Wood Siding Paint Preparation
A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a wood sided house. Prepping your home for exterior paint will make all the difference. The tools needed for this project include ladder, scrapper, putty knife, wire brush, drill, paint remover, sand paper, and protective gloves.

Begin by using an putty knife or a scraper to remove loose paint. Once the loose paint has been removed, sand the area down.

Once the sanding is done, you need to clean the surface of the siding so that the new paint and primer will stick to the woods surface. The tools needed for this are: a hose, a hose brush attachment, trisodium phosphate, scrubbing brushes and safety goggles. Begin by scrubbing the siding with TSP and a warm water with a scrubbing brush.

For patching you will need: wood filler, putty knife, spackling caulking gun and caulk. Fill any uneven boards with spackle, any splits in wood with wood filler. Caulk around any windows or opening where water can leak in.

Using plastic sheets and painters tape cover any areas that you do not want paint to get on.

To begin to prime you will need exterior primer, rollers, covers, brushes and paint trays. Apply primer with a brush or a roller, so that the paint will stick better. Be sure to cover all areas where new wood is showing and on any patches you had to spackle.

Priming will not only help your paint last longer, but it will give the paint a deeper, fuller look. For additional videos on outside home painting, visit

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