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Fence Installation Tips: Layout and Digging Post Holes

Fence Installation Tips: Layout and Digging Post Holes
Laying out the dimensions for your fence will make the installation process run smoothly. In this video we will lay out the lining for the fence. First, make some batterboards to support the fencing layout strings. Then, drive the batterboard into the ground to start the fence layout, usually at the corner of a house or hardscape feature. Use mason’s string to mark the line where the fence posts will be set. Also, make sure to account for rails and pickets when lining up with the edge of your house. Then, measure for each section of your fence, using batterboards and mason’s string to mark the layout. Lastly, review your layout and adjust for full panels. After reviewing, you can drive stakes into the positions where your fence posts will be installed.

Next, you will want to dig the post holes for your fence. First, mark the center for the first post on the ground. It should be set back half the width of the post from the string. Then, you can begin digging the fence post holes along your layout. If you need extra help digging a post hole, try using a power earth auger. The power auger is an easy and effective way to create new fence post holes.

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