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Miter Saw Basics

Miter Saw Basics
Brought to you by Skil. The miter saw is a great tool for all types of at home projects. The four basic cuts are a crosscut which is a straight cut across the grain of the board, a miter cut which is a cut that is angled across the width of the board. The third is a beveled cut which cuts into the thickness of the wood, and finally a compound cut that combines miter and beveled cuts. To adjust the angles of the saw you will need to adjust some levers. The miter angle can by adjusted by using the knob and lever at the front which allows you to swing the cutting head and table side to side.

Cross Cut
Adjust the miter angle and bevel to 0. Align the board and make the cut.

Miter Cuts
These cuts are great for frames for doors and windows. Adjust the miter angle to 45 degrees. Cut at 45 degrees.

Bevel Cut
This is an angled cut where the bevel is set at 45 degrees.

Compound Cut
Set the miter to 31.6 degrees and bevel to 33.9 degrees to get this cut.

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