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Xtend and Climb Ladder Tips

Xtend and Climb Ladder Tips

1. Release the strap that secures ladder in its “storage configuration”.
a) Place ladder on firm level surface.
b) Place your foot on the bottom rung to hold ladder in place.
c) With both hands, pull up on the couplings of the 3rd rung from the bottom.
d) Make sure that each rung is pulled up to its full extension and locks before attempting to extend the next rung. The green dot will be visible when the lock is engaged. Both locks must be engaged on the each rung.
e) Extend desired number of rungs to achieve required height.
f) Do not stand or step on any rungs with 3 feet of the top of the ladder.
g) DO NOT climb higher than any rung that is not fully open. Keep retracted rungs at the top of the ladder.
TIP: To extend the ladder to its fullest height, pull up the top rung first, raising the rung to its full extension. Make sure it locks into place. Continue with each remaining rung. Again, make sure each rung locks into place before extending the next rung.

Great care should be used when closing the ladder. Do not place any part of the body including hands, fingers or thumb on or between rungs or couplings above the closing rung.
TIP: Please remember that just as the ladder extends and locks in one foot increments, it also closes in foot increments. Each rung closes by simultaneously pushing the latches on the previous, lower rung inward towards one another.
Starting at the highest extended rung, please close each rung by securely placing your thumbs on the latches below the rung that you are closing. Please make sure that the rest of your hand is below the plastic coupling of the rung.
Step by Step:
1. Grasp the ladder by the couplings below the rung that you are activating the latches.
2. Place thumbs on latches that you wish to disengage.
3. Place the rest of your hand below the coupling.
4. If you place the rest of your hand above the coupling- your hand could be pinched between the rung!
5. Simultaneously push latches inward (towards each other) until the previous rung is lowered.
6. Repeat this operation for each rung.
SAFETY FEATURE: If the next lower rung is fully extended, the closing rung will stop before hitting the rung that you are holding. This closing rung will nestle completely when the next lower rung is disengaged.

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