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Home Improvement Savings (The Frugalicious Show)

Home Improvement Savings (The Frugalicious Show)
Bitsy and Erin share some of their best ideas and resources for low cost, high impact changes to your home.

Remodel or move? Check out for help on home improvement projects and even finding contractors

Check out to learn how to cut costs, and use their free calculator to help you project the costs of your remodel. is a great resource for buying and selling your home, and determining its value, and what value remodeling will add to your home

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ERIN: Ok so today we’re talking about remodeling.

Bitsy: yes, and a great site to check out is Remodel Or

Erin: I love it when it’s so logical. It makes sense.

Bitsy: Do I remodel, or move? It’s an easy to navigate site that helps you

break down all the costs and factors that go into a remodel or a decision

to move. They’ll also help you find a contractor if you have questions you

can call them for assistance, you can give them what your project is and

contractors will contact you. You can do it however you want, Remodel or

Erin: You know another resource we love is Save On My They have

hundreds of tips and a really really effective calculator that can help you

estimate the cost of your renovation. Seriously check out these sites. Now

let’s talk about the remodel itself and let’s start small.

Bitsy: Exactly, like paint. This one is a no brainer, first of all, it’s

relatively inexpensive, easy to do yourself, of course if you have multiple

rooms you might want to hire a pro, but probably not. It’s just instant

gratification. Who doesn’t love that? But another thing, in addition to

paint, is landscaping. There is a site called that says if you

invest say 0-0 in landscaping, it could give you a return on your

investment of like 00 to 00!

Erin: Amazing!

Bitsy: You can’t beat it!

Erin: A popular trend right now is in kitchens, and updating your

backsplash and if you don’t want to make an investment on permanent tile,

try going to any of your home improvement stores and finding the peel and

stick kind. You can find it as low as per square foot, and then if you

want to make a change two or three years later you won’t feel so bad about


Bitsy: I love those guilt free aesthetic changes. See be creative with your

home improvements, small changes do go a long way! Maybe add some accent

lighting or refinish your cabinets, even just replacing the handles on the

drawers and the cupboards gives it a totally new look.

Erin: Yes let’s talk about cabinets, because cabinets can often be a

kitchen’s biggest expense when your’e doing a remodel. If you want new

cabinets, did you know you can save about 25% of the cost if you keep your

cabinet box and you just put new doors and hardware on.

Bitsy: Refacing. Now one of my favorite ideas for an inexpensive bathroom

redo comes from one of our viewers. This is from Mary who writes us from

Tempe Arizona. Now Mary gave us this amazing idea. You know what she did?

She wanted a new vanity in her bathroom and they can cost up to 00! What

she did was went to a flea market and for she bought an old dresser.

You know one of those old looking victorian dressers. She had a basin cut

out, had the pipes put in, now she has this awesome conversation piece!

Erin: Unique, inexpensive way to add a classic antique touch to your

bathroom, we love it!

Bitsy: Absolutely love that, so those are just a few of the small ideas

that you can use around the house to rejuvenate the look of your home, but

what about those big projects, like “total kitchen renovation” Well stick

around and we’re going to tell you how to do it!


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