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Wood Fence Installation Tips: Attaching the Gate

Wood Fence Installation Tips: Attaching the Gate
The posts are set, the fence is up, but there is one more step – attaching the gate. Finish the fence with a gate and learn how to do so here. The first step is the measure the distance between the gate posts, adjusting for hinge and latch space. Then, cut the vertical rails for the gate sides. After cutting, you can assemble the frame with screws. Once you have completed the frame, add pickets, making sure they line up with the top of the gate frame. Follow up by attaching the pickets with nails.

After these steps, you should be ready to hang your new wood fence gate. Set the gate on blocks to the desired position and attach the hinges with screws. After you are done, simply place the new latch on the gate, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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